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Its Finally Here 

the wait is over our appliance extended Warranty plans are here 

The anticipation ends! Introducing our Appliance Extended Warranty Plans, crafted to bring you unparalleled coverage and peace of mind. Say goodbye to uncertainties and welcome a new era of protection for your valuable appliances

The Best Coverage


Superior Appliance Extended Coverage: Unmatched Protection for Your Peace of Mind

24/7 Support


Continuous Support: Ensuring Your Confidence, 24/7 for Warranty Customers


fast Service

Swift Response: Technician Dispatched Within 48 Hours After Claim Submission


Premium care

Exclusive care, premium service for our valued warranty customers

Choose your pricing plan

  • Basic Plan

    Every month
    +$20 setup fee
    $99 deductible per claim
    • 2 Appliance Extended Coverage
    • 24/7 Support Live Chat & Call Center
    • Yearly Dryer Vent Maintenance Cleaning
    • Food Lost & Reimbursement upto $100
  • Pro Plan

    Every month
    +$10 setup fee
    $50 deductible
    • 4 Appliances Extended Coverage
    • 24/7 Support Live Chat & Call Center
    • Yearly Dryer Vent Maintenance Cleaning & Washer Cleaning
    • Food Lost & Reimbursement upto $200
    • Free laundry Credit & Reimbursements During Repairs
    • Loyalty Rewards & Yearly Free Giveaway Enrollment
  • Plus Plan

    Every month
    +$0.99 setup fee
    $0 Deductible
    • 6 Appliance Extended Coverage Suit
    • 24/7 Support Live Chat & Call Center
    • Yearly Dryer Vent Maintenance Cleaning & Washer Cleaning
    • Coverage For Cosmetics Parts
    • Food Lost & Reimbursement upto $300
    • Free laundry Credit & Reimbursements During Repairs
    • 25% Off On All Our Other Services
    • Loyalty Rewards & Yearly Free Giveaway Enrollment
    • Free Installation On All Appliances Purchased or Replaced
    • 10% Off Appliance Purchase Through Us

Best Seller 

Best Value

At J & A Appliance, we understand the importance of protecting your valuable investment in home appliances. Our Extended Warranty Plan provides comprehensive coverage beyond the standard warranty, ensuring peace of mind and continued satisfaction with your purchase. Here's a breakdown of our policy:

Coverage Duration:

  • The extended warranty plan extends coverage for a period of two years beyond the manufacturer's warranty,

  • offering a total coverage period of three years from the date of appliance purchase.


Covered Appliances:

  • The extended warranty applies to a wide range of home appliances, including refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and more.

  • you can cover up to 6 home appliances depending which plan you opt into.


Coverage Components:

  • Parts: All essential parts of the covered appliance are included in the extended warranty coverage.

  • Labor: The plan covers the cost of skilled technicians' labor for repairs and service.

  • In-home Service: For added convenience, our extended warranty includes in-home service for eligible repairs, reducing any inconvenience to you.


Loyalty Rewards Program:

  • We value your continued trust in J & A Appliance. As a token of appreciation, our extended warranty plan includes access to our exclusive Loyalty Rewards Program. 

  • This program offers discounts on future maintenance services, accessories, and even additional appliances purchased during the extended warranty period. It's our way of expressing gratitude for choosing J & A Appliance for your home appliance needs.


Claims Process:

  • Initiating a claim is a hassle-free process. Simply contact our dedicated customer service team, provide details about the issue, and we will promptly arrange for a qualified technician to assess and address the problem.

if your already a warranty customer you can submit a claim here 


Transferable Coverage:

  • if you decide to transfer ownership of the covered appliance, the extended warranty can be transferred to the new owner, providing continued coverage.

Value-Added Benefits:

Enjoy discounts on maintenance services, accessories, and future appliance purchases during the extended warranty period.

  • Get 10% off appliances purchase through us

  • Get upto 25% off our other services 

  • Exclusive Promotions: Receive special promotions and offers reserved for our warranty customers, 


Affordable Cost:

The extended warranty plan is available at a reasonable cost, providing exceptional value for the extended coverage and additional benefits.

  • Average numbers of appliance that break down in a household a year is 1-2

  • Average repair cost per appliance $300 - $600 per visit 

  • Our Warranty Customers save roughly about $800-$3100 a year with enrollment 

Exclusive Perks From our warranty plans you wont find no where else

Priority Scheduling: Our warranty customers receive priority when scheduling service appointments, ensuring faster resolutions.

24/7 Concierge Support: Access our round-the-clock concierge support for immediate assistance with any warranty-related queries or concerns.

Loaner Appliances: If your appliance requires extensive repairs, benefit from the convenience of a loaner appliance while yours is being serviced.

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