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Reasons why you should clean your dishwasher filter regularly!

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Your Dishwasher filter can get dirty or clogged with food debris quickly reasons so we focus on tips on how to clean out your dishwasher filter regularly for proper maintenance with steps to follow.

First thing first is finding the location of your filter

Yes as obvious as that may sounds you'd be surprised how many makes and models with different filter locations they are. So once you manage to find the location of your filter the next step is taking it off. For most filter it's usually easy and simple enough to take off by turning the filter housing clock wise to release and take off off the filter and clockwise to put it back in place.

Tools you will need to clean out your filter

  1. A Cleaning bush of your choice

  2. Cleaning deterrent to wash out filter

  3. Cleaning Gloves

  4. Cleared out sink to place filter at

Cleaning the filter out

Once you have the necessary tools needed to clean out your filter than it's time to get to work!

Now that the filter is securely out successfully , simply put the filter in the sink with just right amount of soapy water while cleaning and brushing the filter in a circler clean motion until you get as much as you possibly can

until you are completely satisfied with your results!

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